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      Technical terms of corrugated boxes, paper packaging are essential

      Publisher: WANLIAN Packing Mechanics CO., LTD.   Time:2015-6-27 9:16:42

      1. corrugated box size: the size of the corrugated box is divided into inner size, manufacturing size, exterior size, respectively, said the unit is generally mm.
      2. stick / nail: also known as the tongue. Is for corrugated carton encirclement forming and on one side of the box out part, glue / nail high-heeled corrugated carton, length: pin 35 ~ 40mm; bonding 30 to 35mm.
      3. shake cover: also known as the E cover, divided into the outer cover and the inner cover. General long edge of the roll cover is put on the outside and shake cover, when folded closure; broadside rolling cover on the inside is a rocking cover, after folding not closed. According to the different length of the inner and outer cover can be divided into several types of corrugated box.
      4. carton: corrugated box printing products with a name, number and size of carton and other patterns and text. The box label content by the customer, according to the printing position can be divided into is mark, side mark, is mark printed on the box in the length direction, side mark printed on the box of the width direction; if the case of the direction of the length of the printed on both sides of the different content, in order to distinguish, the is mark is a mark and is mark; a mark for even a nail strip length direction. On the other hand, it is is mark.
      5. slotting: the opening between the rocking cover, height and the height of the roll cover.
      6. arm in arm: also called hand buckle. Generally in the side of the corrugated carton, the shape is often round at both ends of the rectangular, upper line beer, half wear, wear the other, arm in arm to according to customer requirements determine the size and location, generally can not be beer to pattern.
      7. high and low line: corrugated carton height line refers to the creasing of corrugated carton inside and outside of the swing cover not on the same straight line; internal shake cover pressing than shake cover pressing low about a piece of corrugated paper thickness.
      8. finishing the printing production process: post-pressprinting product shape and use the required performance.
      9. die cutting: diecutting steel blade into a mold (or steel plate carved into a mold), box. Cutting a piece of paper into a certain shape in a die cutting machine.
      10. the use of steel: Crease/Score indentation, by stamping on a piece of paper, press the trace or leave grooves for bending. General by die cutting machine.
      11. the combination of the way: Joint commonly used in bonding (glue), (selflock), adhesive tape seal (tape), screw (Staple), etc..
      12. stapling nails: and wide box nail combined with. Nail box for coated low carbon alloy steel flat wire, according to the number and spacing of the hits the nail on the can be divided into single nail, double screw, according to both the nail and nail fold line angle can be divided for cross pin, a vertical screw and oblique nail, the oblique nail is the most commonly used.
      13. bonding: Stick / nail and wide surface with adhesive bonding. An adhesive for starch or other similar effects, not sodium silicate.

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