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      N.C Helical Cross Cutter HC35
      Technical parameters

      Mode HC35
      Mechanical speed 350m/min
      Cutting width 2200/2500/2800mm
      Production speed 130m/min(500mm cutting length)
      200m/min(600mm cutting length)
      250m/min(700mm cutting length)
      300m/min(900mm cutting length)
      Cutting accuracy ±1mm
      Cutting length 500~9000mm

      Product Specification

      · Imported servomotor aid control system are adapted;
      · Dual drive ensures the statllity durhg higl-speed cperation of equipment, guaranteeing the cutting accuracy of paper board;
      · Energy storage type brake is adapted; large-power capacitive energy storage can realize high efficiency and energy conser vation,
      · Movable sheet-feeding assembly is convenient for knife maintenance and repair.
      · Double-layer cutting may be perfomed at the speed of 300m/min

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